A variety of mat Pilates classes curated by our Physiotherapists and instructors. Our classes are specific, and targeted yet with our signature touch of fun, interesting and varied to keep you engaged and challenged. Follow our classes regularly and you will really start to see and feel a difference in your strength, your shape, you pain patterns and how you feel. From ab blasts, to glute burners, arms and abs and whole body classes, beginner to advance it’s all here.

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  • Arm and shoulder burn

    Expect 4 point kneeling, half plank, full plank and even reversing some of these variations to work that upper body. Not suitable for those with wrist injuries. No props required, but feel free to grab small weights if you want that extra challenge

  • 10 minute core series

    Work your abdominals using the chi ball or your at home prop the folded hand towel.

  • Core and upper body burn

    Abdominal and upper body focus with a hint of glutes. Prop: Chi ball/folded towel.

  • Upper body challenge with Mel

    Upper body focus with a little glute series to break up that arm burn.

  • Chest opening and reliving neck tension.

    Using the foam roller and breath work to relive tension across the chest and in your neck that may have been created with increased time at your desk, phone, watching Netflix or reading your book.

  • Beginner pilates

    Using pilates movements to help clear the mind, flow through, moving your entire body. No props required.

  • 5 minute upper body series

    Helping with your posture, upper body and back strength. Using the booty band for that extra challenge but not essential. Repeat 3 times to make a 15 minute upper body class.

  • Pilates you can do every day

    Taking it back to basics focusing on those deep tummy muscles and posture. No props required.

  • Balance and control

    Focusing on stability with a complete body class. No props required. Hot tip- Add this 15 minute series with Marney's pilates every day class for a complete 30 minute workout.

  • Are you ready to feel your legs and glutes?

    Pair this 20 minute class with 1 of our 10 minute core classes for a complete body workout. No props required. For an extra challenge, use weights/home weights.

  • Core class with some balance work

    Not for the faint hearted. Get ready to work hard building your abdominal and upper body strength. Grab your chi ball to use for class. Alternatively, a small pillow or without any prop at all.

  • Stretch it out with Michelle

    Leave feeling open, stretched and lengthened. Grab your chi ball to use for class. Alternatively, a small pillow or without any prop at all. Pair this class with any of our other pilates strength classes.

  • Strength and stabilty

    Focusing on our abdominals, obliques, upper body and glutes while thinking about our posture. No props required.

  • Dynamic Pilates

    Fun dynamic class with Marney. Focusing on form, but challenging movements. Take the progressions you feel comfortable with ensuring you're challenging yourself.

  • Mat Pilates with Marney

    Focusing on form and taking those challenges when you can. You'll work your abdominals, glutes and hamstrings, and obliques while getting some stretchy movements in between.