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A variety of mat Pilates classes curated by our Physiotherapists and instructors. Our classes are specific, and targeted yet with our signature touch of fun, interesting and varied to keep you engaged and challenged. Follow our classes regularly and you will really start to see and feel a difference in your strength, your shape, you pain patterns and how you feel. From ab blasts, to glute burners, arms and abs and whole body classes, beginner to advance it’s all here.


Yoga at home with our beautiful instructors. Our classes integrate the fundamental traditional aspects of yoga with a western flair. From playful Vinyasa, to a restorative Hatha and Yin combo, there is something to satisfy your craving and need.


Get your sweat on, raise your heart rate, burn some calories, and get a great endorphin HIIT with our high intensity interval training classes, all from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Using body weight exercises, occasionally some small hand weights and a chair, and offering low impact options, these classes are led and designed by our physiotherapists and exercise physiologists for a science based yet fun and dynamic workout.

Pre-natal Friendly

Pilates based classes curated by our Physiotherapists specific to and safe for pregnancy. Our classes are challenging, giving you a good workout but in a safe environment and with modifications and progressions to tailor to your level and need. These classes can be done from the comfort of your home with no to minimal equipment. Occasionally using hand weights, resistance bands and a chair. Classes to keep you fit, healthy and manage pain through pregnancy and assist with a timely postnatal recovery.

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