Pre-natal Friendly

Pre-natal Friendly

Pilates based classes curated by our Physiotherapists specific to and safe for pregnancy. Our classes are challenging, giving you a good workout but in a safe environment and with modifications and progressions to tailor to your level and need. These classes can be done from the comfort of your home with no to minimal equipment. Occasionally using hand weights, resistance bands and a chair. Classes to keep you fit, healthy and manage pain through pregnancy and assist with a timely postnatal recovery

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Pre-natal Friendly
  • Low impact glute and pelvis class

    Glute and pelvic stability exercises for women at any stage of their pregnancy without complications. If you're experiencing any pelvis or back pain consult your physio or doctor before performing these exercises. Grab a chair for some stability and for an extra challenge you can use a booty band...

  • Balance work to support you through pregnancy

    Focusing on the pelvic stabilty as well as those deep core muscles to help support your baby growing. Use a dining chair ideally, but a table, or bench will also work to help you stabilise. Not suitable for those with pelvic pain or hip stability issues. A short amount of time on your back at the...

  • Whole body pilates at any stage of pregnancy

    Expect to see 4 point kneeling and high kneeling exercises. No props required. Remember to take breaks if you need especially if you are feeling breathless.

  • Glutes, upper body and stability work to keep your body strong.

    If you're after more of a challenge, grab small dumbbells or tinned cans. Otherwise body weight is still a good challenge.

  • A booty band special with Marney

    Floor and standing work. Get ready to feel your booty burn while intergrating the upper body and abdominals. There's some work on your back. If you do feel breathless, dizzy or nauseous on your back, please roll on your side and take a break.

  • Glutes on fire with a hint of upper body.

    Remember, if you're feeling short of breath on your back come up and do squats as an alternative. No props required. Can use a chair for some added stability.